• 24 October 2022
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Standards: EN 12259-1:1999+A1:2001

Fixed firefighting systems - Components for sprinkler and water spray systems - Part 1: Sprinklers



This European Standard specifies requirements for construction and performance of sprinklers which are operated by a change of state of an element or bursting of a glass bulb under the influence of heat, for use in automatic sprinkler systems conforming to EN 12845 Automatic sprinkler systems: Design and installation. Test methods and a recommended test schedule for type approval testing are also given.

NOTE: All pressure data in this European standard are given as gauge pressures in bar.

Link: EN 12259-1:1999 + A1:2001

Amendment: EN 12259-1:1999 + A1:2001/A2:2004

Amendment: EN 12259-1:1999 + A1:2001/A3:2006


Source: European Committee for Standardization

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